Home Story: Alex Sanchez

Home Story: Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez has joined our team at kd weave, & will be helping with a little bit of everything. we met several years ago working at Madewell, & I always admired his eye and creative approach. we have talked off and on about combining forces, & finally the timing felt right to do it.

what better way for you all to get to know him, than for him to tell you a bit of his home story?!

welcome, Alex- we’re so glad you’re here!

name: Alex Sanchez


occupation: kd weave team member? student? house husband?

tell us about

kd weave goods chosen: potholders! as a baker, they are perfect!


this space: breakfast at my apartment

what story do you want your home to tell?

I want my home to make people feel comfortable and welcomed. I want people to want to spend time in my home because they know they are loved. I hope my home tells the story of warmth, comfort, and ease… with a perfectly curated aesthetic of course!



song: Honestly, anything from Penny & Sparrow


plant: I’m really into Olive Trees and Audrey Ficus’ currently!


go to recipe: I love steak night, can’t go wrong with a nice steak. A little garlic and fresh rosemary go a long way!


gift to give: I have two, if the person is into it, I like giving a nice bottle of bourbon, otherwise I love candles!


destination: I have a soft spot for Italy, its magical.

thank you, Alex! we’re so glad you’re here! you will be seeing & hearing more from him, so stay tuned!

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