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we love love at kd weave, & are here to help you celebrate all month long! from a dinner for two at home, to a Galentine's craft night, we've got everything you need to feel all the love. most importantly, know we love you!

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From the Founder

There is something so special about things made by hand. The imperfectness and creation of it—that a real human is behind it. I think it is a beautiful way to connect us. From the maker, to the buyer, to the giver, to the receiver, we are creating a story together. Intertwined—just like the material you hold in your hands. Our story doesn’t stop after this process, but instead, it intersects when these goods are shared and used in your own home.

We proudly make our goods in Houston, TX by our wonderful team of Karenni Refugee women and adults with Autism. We use American cotton yarn, which is machine washable and made to be used in your home daily. We also travel the world and source hand made goods to pair with ours. You can be sure that each item we select will be beautiful, but what makes it even better is that your purchase helps the artisans directly.

We hope you love using our goods almost as much as the love that we poured into making it. Thanks for sharing in this story with us! —Kimberly 

As seen on LUXE Interiors & Design:

"Let this shop’s handwoven goods refuel your love for the crafted..."

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