Home Story: Becca Griffith Pitts

Home Story: Becca Griffith Pitts

It isn’t common to find someone who graduated with a Fashion Design degree, who is now studying Behavioral Neurobiology as a second career, but Becca Griffith Pitts wears both hats well.. beautifully, really. The perfect combination of style and heart, we could not wait to see how she uses our goods in her home. Learn more about Becca here…

name: Becca Pitts

occupation: I work as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology Research Department at a local university.

tell us about…

kd weave goods chosen: The white and chambray baby blanket, which I used as a table throw, and the white muslin napkins.

this space: My dining room is one of my favorite rooms in my house—mainly because of my Mario Bellini for Cassina Cab chairs. They were manufactured in the 1970’s, and my husband gifted them to me for Christmas. I also love how well my kd weave goods pair with my Spode China. The pattern has been discontinued, so I’ve been collecting pieces here and there for a while, and I hope to soon have a full set of everything. The silver originally belonged to my husband’s great grandmother. They were given to her as a wedding present with her new initials engraved on them, and as luck would have it, we happen to share the same initials!

what story do you want your home to tell?

I’m not a fan of buying things for my home that can be found anywhere, so I am constantly on the hunt for new treasures in flea markets, antique malls, and thrift stores. I believe a well curated home is a beautiful home, and I like for each piece to be unique and to have its own story. I also love art, and I really cherish what I hang on my walls. I’d rather live in an empty house than one filled with items that I’m not passionate about.


song: Vienna by Billy Joel. I’ve listened to it thousands of times, but it somehow never gets old to me.

plant: My beloved fiddle leaf fig. I’ve had it for over six years, and it was my baby before I got my dog, Maya, so she’s pretty special to me.

go to recipe: I tend to be a purest when it comes to food, so I love using fresh ingredients and herbs from our garden. My husband grills the best chicken, and I love to pair it with sautéed brussels sprouts and a fresh caprese salad made with our home-grown tomatoes. Plus, a fresh baguette and red wine pairs well with any meal!

gift to give: I love to gift a nice candle with a bottle of wine, and I never forget a card. I have a thing for unique cards, so anytime I see one that makes me happy or reminds me of someone I love, I buy it. I keep a drawer full of them, so it keeps things easy when I’m in a pinch!

destination: Èze in the south of France is the most magical place I’ve ever been, but Rome has a piece of my heart. We traveled to Italy and France for our honeymoon, and I was surprised by how taken I was with the city. The history, the architecture, the people, the food—I fell in love with everything!

Thank you, Becca for sharing your home story with us! Shop Becca’s kd weave selections here and here.

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