Home Story: Devon Liedtke

Home Story: Devon Liedtke

Devon is a fellow Houstonian, and our friendship has bloomed from our shared love of the curation of a beautiful life. With her recent launch of her website, we were thrilled to be a part of her launch with her curated boxes she sent out- she selected our cream hand towels. Devon is true to herself and her aesthetic in all aspects of her life, from what she eats, what she wears, and where she goes, it is all uniquely her. She is always giving the best tips and suggestions, so make sure you #getthedl too! We are honored to share a look into her Thanksgiving tablescape, using our goods as the base. You can follow along with Devon on instagram here.

name: Devon Liedtke

occupation: designer, creator, curator

tell us about… 

kd weave goods chosen: Woven Cream napkins and placemats

this space: Dining Room

what story do you want your home to tell?: 

Nuanced, neutral, understated.

If someone were to ask me my favorite color, I would probably answer “earth tones”. I am a lover of all things neutral. In a world of patterns and colors, I found a corner that is patternless and colorless, and I am happiest there. Cream linens, white dishes, dark clay vessels, and autumnal-hued flowers set the scene this Thanksgiving.


song: November Air by Zach Bryan 

plant: This is like picking a favorite child. I can’t pick! I will highlight some of the flowers from my Thanksgiving arrangement here, instead. Cattails, Fiddleheads, and preserved Bunny Tails.

go to recipe: Tomato Confit, so versatile and so good.

gift to give: With Christmas upon us, I have thought about this a lot. This year I am adopting a child from Save the Children for my kids. We can write them letters and I hope to start a conversation about gratitude and awareness of our privilege. I hope to teach them about the beauty of the season, the beauty of the holidays, and the beauty of receiving and giving. 

..OH, AND, KD Weave Cream linens, obviously ! 

destination: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thank you, Devon, for sharing this Thanksgiving moment from your home story with us!

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