Home Story: Kathryn Worsham Humphries

Home Story: Kathryn Worsham Humphries

for this special holiday edition of home story, we are excited to introduce you to our friend, Kathryn. we have long admired her for her personal style, approach to motherhood, & connection to building some of our favorite brands. it has been such a pleasure to work with her now through her company she co-founded All You Need Method. we consider her a part of #teamkdweave & are so excited for you to get to know her too in this month's home story.

from Kathryn:

we’re having Christmas Eve dinner at our house for the first time ever this year. It will be low key with just Jim, me, Annie and my parents, but I’m excited to make the table and house feel special and festive. Growing up we spent every single Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ house in Houston and it was always so magical and something we looked forward to every year. My grandmother would have her long dining room table beautifully decorated with her fine china and linens. I am lucky to have had some of her tabletop and china passed down to me. I love mixing in new pieces with old and love how the old china and candlesticks look with KD Weave’s white circle placemats and red edge napkins. the tablecloth is Heather Taylor Home and I like that the plaid feels festive but it’s not a traditional Christmas color palette.


 name: Kathryn Worsham Humphries

occupation: PR & marketing consultant and co-founder of All You Need Method

this space: our dining room where we eat dinner as a family of 3 every night. I love having it set during the holidays, as you can see here, which means we have to push everything over when we eat dinner, lol.

what story do you want your home to tell?

I want our home to be inviting and aesthetically pleasing but imperfect and never stuffy. when people come over I want them to feel comfortable curling up on a chair or pouring themselves a glass of wine. our home is a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs and secondhand pieces which gives it a lived-in feel. I like when things are thrown together rather than purchased to match. hopefully the things in our home, like the books on the shelves and the art on the walls, and the pieces passed down from family members, tell a little bit of our story.


book: from this year I really enjoyed Sorrow & Bliss by Meg Mason; I’ve been reading War & Peace on and off for a year and now it feels like picking back up with an old friend.

song: I don’t know how to pick one! it depends on where I am and what mood I’m in. You’re All I Need to Get By by Marvin Gaye was our first dance so it’s sentimental. This Must Be the Place by Talking Heads, LA Freeway by Jerry Jeff Walker, Michelle by The Beatles, and recently I’ve been listening to Delicate by Taylor Swift on repeat.


recipe: anything by Alison Roman\

gift to give: MIRTH pajamas!

destination: London and The Cotswolds

thank you so much Kathryn for sharing your holiday home story with us!

you can find out more about the PR & Marketing business she is building with All You Need Method here, & connect with her on social here.

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