home story: Smith Dorris

home story: Smith Dorris

home story: smith dorris

big boy room

name: Smith Dorris
occupation: “I don’t know” “playing books”

tell us about

kd weave goods chosen:

Kimberly: when I asked him this he started naming off all the recent crafts we have made together, which, I love that perspective he has on what I do. Smith gets the special privilege of getting some custom kd weave creations- like an indigo blanket (woven by me) with his initials, a punch needle Alabama A pillow I made with my husband David for him right before he was born, & an endless supply of hand towels for whatever we might need them for- messes, bath time, or right by his bed in case there is a spill.

this space:

my big boy bedroom

“Houston, Smithie’s house, big Smithie’s room”

“I like Fudgie & Monkey & Truffles the piggie pig are here.” 

my favorite part is the legos: “the legos we made are what I love”


Kimberly: we just moved Smith out of his baby room to make room for his Brother who is arriving in less than 6 weeks. On top of potty training, moving him to a new space (our old guest room), out of a crib, & becoming a big brother- we are so proud of how he’s handling all the changes!

what story do you want your home to tell?

“I play in it, knock things down, I like to knock things down.”

Ophelia enjoying the new digs!




Wild as You by Cody Johnson


Kimberly: he’s not kidding- my top Spotify 2023 song



the one that keeps bugs away from our garden I planted with Daddy


go to recipe:


Kimberly: who knew??

“I like to eat outside”


gift to give:

stomp rockets to my friends

walkie talkies


Chicken-Fay (Chic Fil A) chicken nuggets & french fries

Kimberly: his favorite way to bamboozle me is to stop here on our way home from the studio for a nap when he knows I haven’t gotten groceries for the week yet.

“I would like to go to the football game. I like Dak the Prescott.”

Kimberly: go Cowboys!

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