kd Craft: Cyanotype

kd Craft: Cyanotype

my sister gave me this sunprint kit for christmas, & i have been holding on to it for just the right moment to use it.

we just had my Granddaddy’s, Delbert Lee Turner, Jr., celebration of life & seeing the greenery & flowers there inspired me to pull out my kit.

wasn’t he so handsome?

so proud to be a part of his family!

so here we are- i gathered some of the greenery-meant for it to be a bit fresher but it did the job

these made it in a suitcase in a flight from alabama to texas, so we’re calling it a win

i used the sunprint kit & was really happy with it. so happy, i just ordered more & different sized paper too!

besides the kit (& greenery), you just need cardboard & a tray of water. easy!

this is so simple, i feel silly writing it out, but just in case…

you lay your items on the paper & put the acrylic piece (in the kit) over it to hold in place. i did notice it can cause a shadow, so make sure to align properly. but, you literally just lay it in the sun until it starts to fade to white. then, carefully take it out of the sun to remove the flowers & see your print.

a quick dip in the water & out to dry is all it takes to finish the print


clearly addicted at this point in the process

this is all i used, but i am excited to try others. thinking herbs would be fun?


i’ve already ordered more paper, & the kit with the larger paper to try as well.

going to make a gallery wall with these, & if you’re lucky, i might bring a few for you to shop at round top.


sunprint kit

(found this to be cheaper than amazon when ordering multiples-to justify paying for shipping- which, we know i did because let’s be honest, i’m in deep with this already)

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