Table Top Talk: Easter

Table Top Talk: Easter

we know hosting can be tough...

so we are here to help!

we’re starting a new series here on the journal:

table top talks

where we are here to help you

top your tables

& talk about it if needed


dust off your china, iron your favorite linens (might we suggest your kd weave's?!), & let's come to the table to plan out your (table)top!

we are showing some failproof options from our shop below, but let us help you!

send snaps of what you would like to use, & we can help you arrange it. just email us at

& we'll help you top your table


start with a sceme for your scape. your grandmother's favorite dishes, tulips from the garden, eggs from the easter egg hunt, etc. it's your day, your house. choose something that brings you joy. the more unexpected, the better. here’s the starting point of what we chose for ours…

just like you choose your easter outfit, it is best to choose your tabletop beforehand. a prepared hostess is a happy hostess. we loved the idea of using staples like our favorite flatware, straw placemats that remind us of easter baskets, & white lace. we also knew we wanted to use our new napkins *coming online soon* in seersucker and denim. the beldi seaglass (which also so happens to be coming soon too!) was the perfect color compliment for all our muted colors.

now that you have your base, add some accessories. featuring a funky napkin? add classic white plates. floral frenzy for the centerpiece? neutralize with a natural placemat. just like your outfit, sometimes great accessories make the 'fit. we used our favorite leather napkin rings and leather coasters to continue on the natural theme.

easter in a celebration of new life, & it also just so happens to coincide with spring. cue the flowers! natural elements are a must in our opinion for an easter table. doesn’t have to be literal with a big floral centerpiece (although it totally can!), but get creative here. you can use: large brown eggs, strawberries, or even live bunnies! have fun with it & your guests will too!

brown eggs were an easy choice for us since they so perfectly complimented the leather we were using. we repurposed shot glasses to house our eggs for a fun hard boiled appetizer. accents and accessories do not necessarily have to be expensive. using them in unexpected ways makes it even more fun for everyone.

last, but not least, no table is complete without some greenery. we picked these up at Trader Joe’s and really got our money’s worth. we peeled back a few stems to tuck into each napkin, and stayed in theme by putting the flowers in more beldi seaglass. the centerpiece was a weed from our backyard that looked similar enough. again, use what you have.

we’d love to help bounce ideas to make your easter one to remember. send us an email at

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