Home Story: Ahra Cho

Home Story: Ahra Cho

ahra is someone whose style we have admired for some time. she is a talented artist, tastemaker, & friend. she encourages us to lean into color. we love how she used our goods in her home that also reflects her personal style. you can follow ahra on instagram: @_childofspring_ and on her website: www.childofspring.com

name : ahra cho

occupation: painter based in Houston, TX

kd weave goods chosen : 

white lace placemats, chambray wash cloth, blue seersucker napkins, olive pot holder, chambray pillow

this space :

kitchen & study room

what story do you want your home to tell?

morning is the most important routine for me and my husband, Sehee. I open the window and cut an apple while Sehee makes coffee. I just wanted to share some of the cozy, warm and ordinary daily life from my house. 




'so we won’t forget' by Khruangbin 


there is no way I can pick one! I love every plant in my house. 


go to recipe:

strawberry jam and avocado on whole wheat sourdough bread. it’s my mom’s recipe. I don’t know where she got it from, but I love it. 


gift to give:

I like to give my friends lipsticks that match their skin tone, because I like to guess their taste. or a gift that may remain in their life for a long time. 



my motherland, South Korea. & I would love to go to Jeju Island again.

thank you, ahra for sharing your home story with us! for ways to connect with ahra & for her new art work drops, follow on instagram: @_childofspring_

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