Our Team

When we started kd weave, we wanted to make beautiful goods, but what we got with it are beautiful people who make them. What started as just a dream of making hand woven goods for Kimberly, has grown to include a team of women weavers who are Refugees from The Karenni State, sewers from Vietnam, & Artisans with Austism at Aspire all based in Houston, TX. We are proud to have our home base here in the United States, but we are always finding new goods & artisans all over the world who inspire us.

Refugee Women from The Karenni State

Who are now Houstonians & US Citizens!

It all started with Nar Mo. We were in desperate need of help with weaving, & found out that there was a group of talented weavers right here in Houston! Nar Mo was the first to join our team, & has been instrumental to our production and growth. So much so, many of her designs are now used in our hand woven napkins and runners. In her native country, The Karenni State, weaving is what many women in the community do together. It is the same with us at kd weave. Nar Mo has brought on her sister Mu and mother Doe Meh, as well as many Karenni friends to help us weave. We are so thankful for their rich history & expertise of weaving!

Artisans with Autism

The best teammates a girl could ask for!

This group of artisans helps us with our weaving (& a few other things!) and are a part of Houston based, Aspire Accessories. as we have continued to grow, help has come in the best ways. We needed more weavers, & were connected with this amazing group. While their skillset ranges to so many other things (several Special Olympians in this group!), weaving has been a great fit for the skill of these artisans. We found ourselves enjoying our time here so much, that we now run our studio out of the same space. At kd weave, we are passionate about the people who make our goods, & we believe we have the best!

Sewing Team

Our sewing team is literally right around the corner, in the back of our neighborhood! We love the opportunity to employ locally based talent. We work with a team, but Nga is our main sewer, & most of our goods are sewn by her. She is originally from Vietnam, but now calls Houston home. She is incredibly fast, & we love how she puts the finishing touches on all of our hand woven goods!

Artisans Around the World

Finding good goods everywhere we go!

We travel to source items that pair well with the ones we make in Houston. We work to build lasting relationships & each trip brings something new! What started as a fun trip to Mexico, has turned into a business expansion for us at kd weave. We fell in love with the artisans there and their hand made goods that pair so well with ours. We usually take a few buying trips a year, as well as sourcing from other unique cultures and countries such as Africa, Morocco, & India. Most recently, we have even sourced from right here in Texas, with the addition of beeswax candles. We are always on the hunt for beautiful, hand made things!