Kimberly Dorris

Kimberly is a new, but proud Texan living in Houston with her Husband, David, little boy, Smith, two dogs, Virgil and Ophelia, and a host of other creatures that inhabit their home and garden. Kimberly started creating and cultivating all aspects of her life at a very young age. In fact, as soon as she could dress herself, she promptly told her mother that she would be handling the shopping from there on out. What started out as making outfits for her dolls out of socks, and having a tackle box of well-organized beads for bracelets, making things quickly became more than just a hobby, but a way of life for Kimberly.


What has become clear to her is that she comes by this naturally. Both Kimberly’s Grandmothers were both creatives in their own right, and their love for making seemed to be passed directly to her. Her Grandmother on her Mother’s side is an artist from Mississippi who has a long study of painting the Magnolia blooms that are native there, and also makes the best chocolate gravy in the South. Kimberly’s Grandmother on her Father’s side, was foremost a great friend and gift-giver, and loved to give away her creations- so much so that she opened a knit shop with a friend so that they could teach other women how to make the things they so enjoyed giving. When her Grandmother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Kimberly learned how to knit and crochet so that she could share in her love of making and also to give her Grandmother her first creation, a blanket. From there, Kimberly’s love of the fiber arts and for giving hand-made items was solidified.  


 Later on, and a miserable first job later, Kimberly’s Husband, David, re-kindled her love for making things by buying her her first loom, a Schacht Cricket Loom. It was love at first sight. She began weaving caftans, placemats, and a slew of other things before finally landing on hand towels and home goods. During Hurricane Harvey, trapped at home and weaving literally up and during a storm, Kimberly launched in her heart the idea for kd weave—she, like her Grandmother, needed to share these items with friends and family. And that’s what she’s been doing ever since.


kd weave has since grown and expanded to include all different facets of the home and lifestyle Kimberly has been dreaming up pretty much since birth. The line includes: wash cloths, hand towels, bath sheets, placemats, napkins, coasters, blankets, and pillows, but really, in whatever way you may choose to use them, whether its sharing a meal, taking a gift to a friend, or simply cleaning up, what Kimberly hopes you feel is love and a sense of home. You can follow along with Kimberly’s story and the life she so carefully creates on Instagram: @kd_weave.