Home Story: Kimberly Ann Dismuke Dorris

Home Story: Kimberly Ann Dismuke Dorris

Christmas time seems like the perfect time to share some of my own home story with you. You have probably seen bits & pieces of ours if you follow along on instagram, but here are four spaces we have re-imagined for Christmas.


Kimberly Ann Dismuke Dorris



founder, kd weave & mom (finding out this is a full time thing too!)

tell us about…

kd weave goods chosen:

how do you choose?! one of the best things about being the owner and founder is that I don’t have to choose. I sample everything at home, and honestly use the whole collection. For the purposes of this story, I use our hand towels, napkins, table runners, & a host of items from our pairings. I’ll just explain as we go along!

It is no secret that I love to set the table, and big events and holiday’s are no exception! This setup is for a Christmas dinner, using china that was my Mimi’s, and our napkins, placemats, and glasses from kd weave.

this space:

I chose to share moments from our home that invite community & connection. Our living room, our kitchen, and our dining room.


what story do you want your home to tell?

I want our home to tell our story as a family- full of love, adventures, triumphs, tribulations, the whole thing. Every piece tells of a moment we have together. I want it to be beautiful for sure, but real and authentic as well. That means family heirlooms, art we make together, a rock collection, plants, seashells, weaves, etc. Formal & functional, uniquely us.

We hung our stockings with care… & the garland too. I love fresh greenery, and the oranges felt like a nice touch. My Husband, David, added our gold leafed mirrors we found in Mexico, which are still available for purchase- IF I can let them go!



 Again, how do I choose?! The Beatles were my first music love, & Here Comes the Sun always brightens my day. But, so many more! Our monthly playlists give a glimpse into my love of music.


Our home is basically a greenhouse, but I particularly love our Audrey Ficus. Ferns are my favorite, but I cannot keep a Maidenhair alive for the life of me…also, have to mention Queen Kimberly’s just because…

go to recipe:

We love to host in our home, and my husband’s margarita recipe has become something of a signature. All credit to him: tequila, triple sec (Paulina’s), fresh lime juice, coconut water, & orange juice… all amounts to your preference, shaken over ice

gift to give:

kd weave of course! that’s how I started this business, by giving gifts, and I have a feeling that is how we will continue. the spirit of gifting is in everything we do.


I am dying to travel again, & right now I am wanting to go back to Italy. It’s where my Dad’s family is from, & I always feel like a piece of myself is there too.

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