Home Story: Mimi Yeatts

Home Story: Mimi Yeatts

mimi & kimberly were introduced by a mutual friend, who thought they had too much in common to not not be friends- & she was right! mimi is a fellow Houstonian starting her own (beautiful!) textile line of block printed designs called Geranium House, & shares a passion for estate sale-ing, & all around neat things just like we do here at kd weave.

mimi will also be coming to round top to help us at kd weave, so you will get to meet her irl also! we know you’ll fall in love with her fun personality, great taste in music, & colorful aesthetic (be on the lookout for some collaborative table settings!) just like we did!

without further ado…

name: mimi yeatts

occupation: designer 

kd weave goods chosen:

tan & white stripe napkins, white & olive pot holder, white & olive pot holder

this space:


what story do you want your home to tell?
I want my home to tell many stories! My hope is it would be welcoming and warm; that each trinket would carry with it a little piece of history. Most of my home goods have found their way to me in fun ways. The stories that accompany decorations have always inspired me. 
song: Somethin’ About What Happens When We Talk by Lucinda Williams
plant: rosemary
go to recipe: almond flour banana bread
gift to give: Turning something old into something new. My mother-in-law had a bunch of family quilts turned into chore coats for my sister-in-law and me. I’ve also heard of people turning their fathers old ties into headbands. The idea of turning a sentimental, old thing into something new is a creative and moving gift!
destination: Isle of Bute, Scotland
  come meet mimi with us this fall in round top at Blue Hills october 14th - 28th. her adorable dog, Mr. Angus, may be making some celeb guest appearances as well!
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